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November 27, 2011

Award-winning photographer David Slater had his camera hijacked by a crested black macaque in Indonesia, which took its own picture. The animal is extremely rare and endangered, which makes this big macaque attack picture all the more special.

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Perhaps learning a lesson from the scolding we gave them in , the kkkristian child porn spammers ceased  to spam child porn and began spamming spurious advertising spam – still by the boatload, no less annoying, but at least they’ve gone from child porn to simple larceny and bunko scams. We don’t know if this is really an improvement on the list of Seven Deadly Sins, or whatever witchery they consult to determine meanness, pettiness and spite (or perhaps to learn it from), however it is slightly less offensive than outright sleaze, and far more tolerable than outright prostitution of the truly innocent. We remain unconvinced that these kkkristians are genuinely “holy” in any sense. Forgiveness and tolerance didn’t make it into their lexicon (lexicon being a hard word for them to pronounce, I suspect), and they have little, if any,  sense of charity.  Kkkristians are strictly old-school, fire and brimstone Old Testament wannabe prophets who firmly intend to kill all opposition in the name of their unholy god.  Contrary to their self-profession, Kkkristians are neither redeemable, nor salvageable, but rather doomed to wallow in their own crapulence.  In the split second it takes to delete their importunate silliness, we note that they are adamantly against climate change too, however their god seems unable to do much about it, since we also note that climate change is disastrously proceeding, their disbelief notwithstanding.  Oh, hey, now wait a minute, we think we get it! Their god is an ostrich! (more…)


November 19, 2011

Busy City – New Neighbors – Close Neighbors. Your guess is as good as mine and what’s up with the elephants? Mixed media, mostly ink.

STRAIGHT TALK – It seems to me that we have very clear priorities to attend to if we are to survive on planet earth very much longer.
First and foremost is climate change. We either admit the problem and deal with it, stopping all practices that work against that end, by force, if necessary, legal, if possible, or we perish. Society should triumph over individuals in this regard. Personal profit is totally unimportant against survival. What happened to the buggy whip manufacturers when the automobile replaced the horse? They retooled or died. Whatever. Get a damned clue.
Second, we cannot sustain the present form of huge international corporate mega-capitalism. It is an out of control monster: a willful environmental vampire and oppressor of human rights. Its rulers and masters make sociopathic decisions on a daily basis. As they control costs both quality and choice disappear from the marketplace. They tend to baronies, monopolies, and mini-kingdoms serving the pissant egos of self-styled “giants of commerce.” They are moribund, sucking ghouls, parasites on the planet and body politic. They are the great corrupters of mankind and despoilers of the earth.
Third, put religion in its rightful place, not in the government. If the marching morons of the western fundamentalist religious traditions stopped momentarily to exercise even the barest minimum of free individual thought, they would immediately realize that in structure, purpose and results, the forces they support fulfill the mission of their imagined Anti-Christ or its sectarian apocalyptic equivalent. One can argue that the fundamentalist marching morons are the people they prophesied who follow the WRONG master, necessitating and aiding the Arch Fiend’s attack on all virtue and goodness in the world. They are the armies of Satan, Shaitan, the bad guy. The fundamentalist marching morons are ignorant superstitious dupes who hurt other people at the direction of their sick as hell masters.
Fourth, if we wish to progress in a positive and healthful manner, we must help the females of our species to liberate themselves, and educate our children to a rational, scientific and progressive frame of mind. This will do more to eliminate the physical, mental and emotional abuse that has characterized our species’ formation (and created the corrupt and destructive society we inhabit today) than any other measure. We do not want to crowd young impressionable minds with superstitions, myths or self-destructive and debasing philosophies. We can do so much better for ourselves, and it begins with free self-directing women and smart well-loved children.
There is more, but this is a fair start. Just wanted to put these four points out for consideration and possible personal ACTION. We really don’t have any more time to waste. KOKO! (Keep On Keepin’ On!) –  j
A few ideas: 10 Ways to Dump the Corporatist State; and 10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who’ve Been Screwing You: HOW TO FIGHT CORPORATISTS reprise

“Play it again, Sam!”


November 11, 2011

The Republicans are bought into the craziness at a very deep level.  They will not get better.  They will explode or fizzle out, but they will not get “well.”  These sick puppies prefer revolution and the overthrow of the United States government to honest political dialog and debate.  We really need to put these crazies into the booby hatch.

REMEMBER? Palin Reloads; Aims For Giffords

Sarah Palin drew sharp criticism for featuring a map on her web page riddled with crosshairs targeting Democrats in vulnerable congressional districts. Tucson’s Gabrielle Giffords is among the 20 Democratic incumbents whom Palin intends to use for target practice.

Sarahpac Hit Map

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Sarah is Just the Tip of the Crazy Iceberg.

The political instrument of moneyed elites, and a retrograde societal force, the GOP today is more negative than ever.  Its agenda, if fully implemented, would prove catastrophic. Here’s what an unfettered Republican Party would do “for” America: (more…)


November 9, 2011
Published on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 by Environment News Service

Irreversible Climate Change Looms Within Five Years

LONDON – Unless there is a “bold change of policy direction,” the world will lock itself into an insecure, inefficient and high-carbon energy system, the International Energy Agency warned at the launch of its 2011 World Energy Outlook today in London.

Coal-fired power generating station in Shanxi, China. (Photo courtesy Skoda Export) The report says there is still time to act, but despite steps in the right direction the door of opportunity is closing.

The agency’s warning comes at a critical time in international climate change negotiations, as governments prepare for the annual UN climate summit in Durban, South Africa, from November 28.

“If we do not have an international agreement whose effect is put in place by 2017, then the door will be closed forever,” IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol warned today. (more…)


November 9, 2011

Herman Cain, Tea Party Paragon of Compromised Virtue and the Koch-American Way.