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November 27, 2011

Award-winning photographer David Slater had his camera hijacked by a crested black macaque in Indonesia, which took its own picture. The animal is extremely rare and endangered, which makes this big macaque attack picture all the more special.

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Perhaps learning a lesson from the scolding we gave them in , the kkkristian child porn spammers ceased  to spam child porn and began spamming spurious advertising spam – still by the boatload, no less annoying, but at least they’ve gone from child porn to simple larceny and bunko scams. We don’t know if this is really an improvement on the list of Seven Deadly Sins, or whatever witchery they consult to determine meanness, pettiness and spite (or perhaps to learn it from), however it is slightly less offensive than outright sleaze, and far more tolerable than outright prostitution of the truly innocent. We remain unconvinced that these kkkristians are genuinely “holy” in any sense. Forgiveness and tolerance didn’t make it into their lexicon (lexicon being a hard word for them to pronounce, I suspect), and they have little, if any,  sense of charity.  Kkkristians are strictly old-school, fire and brimstone Old Testament wannabe prophets who firmly intend to kill all opposition in the name of their unholy god.  Contrary to their self-profession, Kkkristians are neither redeemable, nor salvageable, but rather doomed to wallow in their own crapulence.  In the split second it takes to delete their importunate silliness, we note that they are adamantly against climate change too, however their god seems unable to do much about it, since we also note that climate change is disastrously proceeding, their disbelief notwithstanding.  Oh, hey, now wait a minute, we think we get it! Their god is an ostrich! (more…)