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This Blog is a hodgepodge of current affairs, ideas, jokes, and a sprinkle of favorite art work and writing, with links to favorite web sites and progressive thinkers.  All thoughts, words, pictures and links may be shared with others, but not sold.  All work here, images as well as writing, are copyright John Legry, unless otherwise attributed.  Thanks for stopping by, hope you find something of interest, and please leave a comment if so inclined.


The COPPER-HANDLES AFFAIR: The Great San Francisco Earthquake, Fire and Bank Heist by John Patrick Legry

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THE COPPER-HANDLES AFFAIR: The Great San Francisco Earthquake, Fire and Bank Heist, begins with the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and a simple opportunistic bank robbery, plunging John Law Copper, accidental thief, and Frederick W. Handles, the pursuing policeman, into the greater game of big money power politics and civic corruption on the Ragtime U. S. Pacific Coast. The chase takes them through the vanished garden world of northern California to the dangerous shanghai town of Portland, Oregon. 50 b&w line drawings and two maps.

From reviews:


“John Legry’s novel “The Copper-Handles Affair” will especially delight lovers of history as well as those who enjoy a good cops-and-robbers story. Set at the time of the San Francisco earthquake, the reader follows two men: a thief, John Law Copper who stumbles across $400,000 in bank money during the aftermath of the quake; and Frederick W. Handles, a detective bent upon bringing Copper to justice.
The chase between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon exposes both characters to a variety of angels and villains and so the story’s pace never slackens. One twist follows another until the conclusion which surprises with a laugh.
The settings are authentic, the characters believeable and the writer’s drawings are beautiful renderings of the period. I can think of no more pleasant way to experience a bit of history while having a good read.”

“A great fast paced read. …hard to put down.  …characters are fully developed and believable. …the literary style of switching back and forth from Copper’s escape to Handles pursuit kept the adventure moving… Many of the “switches” ended in a cliffhanger that compelled the reader…on. Besides being a good read, this book takes you on a geographical and historical tour of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.” 


2002-present:  Writer, artist, illustrator

1989 – 2002:  EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Office of Citizen Involvement, Multnomah County, OR, (ret.) a chartered, independent county office, reporting to a citizen volunteer policy board, advocating for and facilitating timely citizen participation in government policy development.  Worked with all levels of local, state and national government, and grassroots organizations.

1984 – 1989:  CITIZEN PARTICIPATION COORDINATOR, Office of Neighborhood Associations, City of Portland, OR.  Fiscal and contracts officer, citizen budget advisory committee coordinator, neighborhood needs manager.

1979 – 1984:  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, Bureau of Water Works, City of Portland, OR.

1977 – 1979:  OWNER-PRINCIPAL, River City Illustration, Vancouver, WA.  Public relations and advertising writing/art.

1972 – 1977:  ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Ft. Vancouver Regional Library, WA.   Acting Director.

1970 – 1972:  ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Spokane County Library, WA.  Acting Director.


Kettering Foundation National Issues Framing Project, 2000-02.

National Association of Counties Task Force on Volunteerism, 1990-94.

Vancouver (WA) Planning Commission, ’75-8; Chair, ’77-8.

Executive Committee, Clark County (WA) Regional Planning Council, ’75-8.

Chair, WA State Advisory Council on Libraries, ’76-7.

Chair, WA State White House Conference on Libraries Task Force, ’75-6.

WA Library Assoc. Intellectual Freedom Committee, ’75-8.

M.A./M.L.S. San Jose State University; B.A., University of Calif., Davis.

U.S. Navy, Naval Security Group, ’66-72, Honorable Discharge.

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