FAT PALIN BIKINI » extinction2

WAYS TO REDUCE CARBON FOOTPRINTS:ACTION: (Measure: Lifetime carbon dioxide saved in Metric Tons)

Recycle newspaper, magazines, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans – 17

Replace old refrigerator with energy-efficient model – 19

Replace 10 incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient ones – 36

Replace single-glazed windows with energy-efficient windows – 21

Reduce miles driven from 231 to 155 per week – 147

Increase car’s fuel economy from 20 miles per gallon to 30 – 148

REDUCE NUMBER OF CHILDREN BY ONE – 9,441 tons (The only way to logically and democratically achieve this would be through a process of sex education and health care, with emphasis upon the consequences of human overpopulation. Of course right wing churches would go nuts).

Data from U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s personal emissions calculator and calculations by OSU statistics professor Paul Murtaugh. Annual totals based on lifespan of 80 (female expectancy U.S.) Source: Paul Murtaugh.

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