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Radioactivity in Sea up 7.5 Million Times: Marine life contamination well beyond Japan feared. Kanako Takahara April 5, 2011 by The Japan Times

Radioactive iodine-131 readings taken from seawater near the water intake of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant’s No. 2 reactor reached 7.5 million times the legal limit, Tokyo Electric Power Co. admitted Tuesday.

The sample that yielded the high reading was taken Saturday, before Tepco announced Monday it would start releasing radioactive water into the sea, and experts fear the contamination may spread well beyond Japan’s shores to affect seafood overseas.

The unstoppable radioactive discharge into the Pacific has prompted experts to sound the alarm, as cesium, which has a much longer half-life than iodine, is expected to concentrate in the upper food chain. READ MORE: http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2011/04/05

Paul Ryan - The Monarchists Are Loose

Cutting Medicaid Means Cutting Care for the Poor, Sick and Elderly. Ezra Klein April 5, 2011 by The Washington Post

The part of Paul Ryan’s budget that’s going to get the most attention is his proposal to privatize and voucherize Medicare. But the part that worries me the most is his effort to slash Medicaid, with no real theory as to how to make up the cuts.

Ryan’s op-ed introducing his budget lists Medicaid under “welfare reform,” reflecting the widespread belief that Medicaid is a program for the poor. That belief is wrong, or at least incomplete. A full two-thirds of Medicaid’s spending goes to seniors and people with disabilities — even though seniors and the disabled are only a quarter of Medicaid’s members. Sharply cutting Medicaid means sharply cutting their benefits, as that’s where the bulk of Medicaid’s money goes. This is not just about the free health care given to some hypothetical class of undeserving and unemployed Medicaid queens. READ MORE: http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2011/04/05-2

Medicaid Costs


Ideology-driven Republicans and Tea Party morons ARE screwing with us, regardless of any cooperation they offer in deciding how to slash our middle class to bits. Our Oregon Repugs are just a tad more civil about it, and a bit less impatient, but Bipartisanship is an easy slogan for avoidance of genuine policy initiative. If we had the public policy we would tax the rich and not make the social cuts. Bipartisanship in the corruption of civil and human rights is not a virtue. We must browbeat our elected representatives until they understand this simple truth.

Waterboarding 2A

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