In the mid-1960’s a book entitled Thunder on the Right urgently identified and warned against the anti-democratic, fundamental religionist, bigoted fanatics of the political reactionary right. Among the American Nazis, KKK hoods and militia toughs was the John Birch Society, which ran Patrick Henry bookstores filled with scurrilous lying polemics attacking and undermining and diminishing government and advocating a treasonous program of subversion and sabotage. The John Birch Society harnessed Cold War fears into hate against progressives, warning that President Kennedy, Civil Rights activists, and organized labor were in league with communists. One JBS newsletter civically advised members to “join your local P.T.A. and TAKE IT OVER [emphasis mine].”
Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch are the wealthiest, and perhaps most effective, opponents of a progressive agenda today. Ranked together as the 5th richest men in America, the Koch brothers sit at the helm of Koch Industries, a massive privately owned conglomerate of manufacturing, oil, gas, and timber interests. David and Charles are also responsible for a vicious attack campaign aimed directly at obstructing and killing progressive reform. Their opposition is a long family tradition of trying to shift the country to the far right; their father, Fred Koch, helped found the John Birch Society in the late 1950s. He also helped fund Adolph Hitler’s Nazis in the 1930′s and early 40′s. His sons continue to galvanize hundreds of thousands of middle class people into supporting the Kochs’ narrow agenda of cutting corporate taxes and avoiding consumer regulations to the ruin of our equality and democracy.
David Koch presents himself as a champion of science. Nevertheless, he has done more to undermine the public’s understanding of climate change science than any other person in America. Koch Industries has spent ten millions of dollars to misinform the public on climate change legislation. they funded the gate-crashers in Copenhagen to prevent progress on greenhouse gas control. How they must love the EPA-gutting their Tea Party minions are exacting in Congress. Much of the fierce opposition to health reform can also be credited to the Kochs. Their opposition is a long family tradition of trying to shift the country to the far right and to make themselves (by any other name) kings, controlling all of our “little” lives. That makes me mad.

2 Responses to “It’s Not Fascism”

  1. Leslie Todd Says:

    I’m sure the FBI and CIA are well aware of this Fascist group of people , They will act at the appropriate time I am sure of that .

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