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May 8, 2010


Dear President Obama,

As the Gulf of Mexico spill shows, industry claims about the safety of their operations are simply untrue. There is no safe way to drill for oil in Alaska’s seas, and no way to clean up spilled oil in broken ice conditions.  

I urge you to immediately withdraw your approval for Shell Oil to drill this summer in the Arctic. In order to truly protect the people and environment of the Arctic, you must not allow exploration and development of the current leases in the Arctic.

The selfish idiocy of the oil barons is painfully apparent.  Greed not need fuels the oil companies’ grab for the world’s oil resources.  The precarious livability of our entire planet is at stake and they care only for profits!  I urge you to reverse your decision to expand offshore oil drilling nationwide. 

Thank you.

The Center for Biological Diversity’s incredible Live Gulf Oil Disaster site is shared below.  All you never wanted to know about this horrific environmental disaster.

Food for thought: if foreign terrorists had done this to us, would we be looking to coddle the offenders?  Foreign terrorists don’t need to be very bright, because we are fully capable of causing immensely more damage than they can ever achieve – even flying fifty jetliners into fifty buildings – to ourselves!  Lawd have mercy!