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September 18, 2011

 PARTY’S OVER?  How important is it to ignore the Democratic Party, DCCC (congressional democrats) and DCCS (senatorial democrats) funding pleas to fill their coffers for general unspecified disbursement?  Will the party collapse, will senate and congressional Democratic representation shrink?  The dilemma is that the label “Democrat” does not a democrat make. CLICK the PIC to see what Progressives stood for at the turn of the Twentieth Century:


Electing a corporate right wing democrat is the same as electing a republican obstructionist – they are part of the problem, not its solution – we’re being overwhelmed and hurt on a daily basis by the corporatists.  The corporatists are attacking the rest of us and seek to control us; they are the enemy of democracy.

So-called “Bluedog” right wing Democrats who favor a de-evolutionary return to the Salem Witch Trials and a pre-civil rights pre-Darwin era are also unacceptable.  We don’t need or want any pseudo-Democrats talking about “mud people,” or assaulting a woman’s right to reproductive freedom, taking office with Party blessing and funding.

On this score, the simple question is: Does the Democratic Party owe allegiance to the people, or to corporate bosses and other human rights foes?  Present answer is both, but the practical end result is a stagnant society headed for a crash.  We shall lose the fight for posterity if we do not act now to liberalize and prepare our nation for what is to come.  Delay can only spring from denial, and facts speak for themselves. (more…)