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August 3, 2011

Award-winning photographer David Slater had his camera hijacked by a crested black macaque in Indonesia, which took its own picture. The animal is extremely rare and endangered, which makes this big macaque attack picture all the more special.

KKKRISTIAN CHILD PORNO-PUSHERS: I’ve received mountains of child porn spam recently for a critique of religion – cowardly anonymous attacks from behind virtual firewalls by fundamentalist “kkkristians” (as my friend Richard Halasz of Stand Up Comedy Inc. calls them). This nest of vipers slams child porn in hopes of what – intimidation, mental masturbation? No one should use child pornography for any reason. These kkkristian fundamentalist child pornography-pushers are helping the pornographers! They dishonor themselves and their cause. They have no claim to the moral high ground. A friend says they deserve to be in jail, or an asylum and later in hell if there is one. May their god forgive them? Child porn is fast track to the Abyss, I’d guess. MY STORY BEGINS reprise