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January 7, 2012

Occupy Gimbel's

FYI – CLICK THE IMAGE to get the meme link. The Pepper-spray Cop meme began in prototype at my alma mater, University of California at Davis – be sure to watch the video clip at the end of this link to the end. PEPPER SPRAY AT DAVIS, CA

Crocodile Tears Aren’t Just for Crocodiles

The nation-wide para-military police response to Occupy Wall Street is a HUGE unjustified waste of police force and precious overtime funds. Don’t buy any official’s feigned nobility – they are mismanaging the situation, using absolute overkill on the protestors, and crying crocodile tears over ordinary crime (even including rape) victims that their mismanagement and mis-allocation of resources created: “We can’t go catch murderers because we’re busy beating up regular citizens, exercising their right to free speech and assembly.”  Do they think they are re-fighting World War II?

Ever read Tsun Tsu? This Chinese genius wrote a book called The Art of War around 420 BCE – it is about the strategy of indirection – achieving one’s objectives with minimum effort and the least HARM  to both sides. It treats war – conflict – first as a human lapse of understanding, and something calling for other than a total frenzied Braveheart head-on collision. Total War is ignorant arrogance and results in gory battles such as Verdun and long drawn out fiascoes such as Vietnam and Afghanistan. Every major military victory fought by anyone ever has been achieved using Tsun Tsu’s methods – Leonidas at Thermopylae; Sherman’s March, cinching Union victory in the American Civil War; Patton’s end run to relieve the heroes at Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge; and Schwarzkopf’s blitzkrieg tactics in Desert Storm. American military and para-military types study the book, but mostly fail to apply it.  I highly recommend it to everyone in any OWS encampment because they will win with it. (more…)