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July 8, 2011

GO STRAIGHT AT THEM:  Tasks for Progressives

PROTECT THE PLANET.  JOB ONE.  Everything else is subordinate in priority.

  • Eschew any advice from Wall Street chameleon Robert Rubin and his clones who brought us NAFTA, GATT and WTO, and mentored Clinton, Bush, and now Obama with the same advice that created the present fiscal disaster.  Prosecute Goldman Sachs and take their obscene bonuses back!
  • Speak Keynesian economics again. Emphasize we the people, public issues, community, human rights, common sense, and the common good; not the bottom line for a gaggle of avaricious stockholders.
  • Seek new, innovative solutions – not stock re-runs of old routines; that’s the pattern of alcoholics and addicts.
  • Corporations must pay their fair share to support the system that enabled their success; stop treating them as “individuals” in the legal system; hold executives and stock holders personally accountable for their actions.
  • Educate the children – dump top-heavy, discriminatory Trojan Horse Standards obstacles; eliminate public subsidies (vouchers) for boondoggle separatist, preferential, and elitist “home” schooling; insist upon a democratic public education, scholarship, and scientific rationalism.
  • Call the nation to service: “Let’s get our hands on these problems and solve them.  We can do it, if we stop procrastinating and move on.”
  • Tell Republicans they can worry about haircuts, dirty words, and sexual mores, and hurt people, making more money than they reasonably need, using wage slaves, exploitation, lies and violence to do it.  The rest of us will go to work to: save our livable environment; end our disastrous blood- and treasure-draining wars; create a strong single-payer public option for health care; develop a sustainable economy; and treat people as if they mattered.  The nation’s now critical issues (thanks to years of flagrant and cynical Republican (and conservative Democratic) corporatist neoconservative neglect, abuse, misuse, and outright theft) are approaching critical mass on the verge of the Second Great Republican Depression.  Fact: Republicans have created every American bank failure, financial panic and stock market collapse since they first won national office.
  • We can’t let the Republican monarchists kill the real American dream: a better life for all our people, children, posterity,  not just ourselves. We’re not in this life for the next quarterly report, we’re here to build a lasting nation under a rule of law that we can be proud of again; and that means saving it from the right wing  Republican cabal that brought us this fiasco, before it collapses us in an economy of chaos and death, while they smugly profit off our bones.

How’d that be?  I’d like it fine.  And, we need to dump the blue dog Democrats and give President Obama an overwhelming progressive majority in both houses of congress, too, or we will spend generations living under and undoing the harm of the Bushies and their corporate neocon royalist masters.

If it will be done, it must be done soon, or it may not be done at all (although the planet will outlive us, barren as the moon, perhaps). (more…)