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February 9, 2012
Islands w/ apple.

The Ignorant and Superstitious

It’s a shame so many are so ignorant and superstitious at the start of the 21st Century.  We, as a species, thought so well of ourselves – technologically transcendent, having come so far from the primitive days of ancient Egyptian ritual – but we’re still beset by competing, often violent myths, most of them trailing up out of the deep dark bowels of imagination, the legacy of long-dead ignorant, superstitious zealots.  They contest with one another like gladiators in the arena.  It’s kill, or be killed.  The message of tolerance within most religions is swamped by fanaticism and vengeance.

It’s also true that few people relish being told that their lives are entirely informed by a fantasy.  If not that, what? The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applied to the universe of the mind?  Life is chaotic in beginning, progress, and end.  Only change is constant.  Random elements always transform what was thought to be solid and immutable.  Religion attempts parental reassurance of the night-frightened child.  However, if a child is encouraged to grow up, to take responsibility for his/her own life and actions – given careful nurture and good information – that child will become a fully contributing self-actualizing adult worth knowing.  He/she will grow up with the tools needed to deal successfully with life.  They won’t need a fable to lean upon for they shall have the truth (which is so much better).  If one regards the earth as if it were as close to heaven as one is likely to get, one might actually take better care of it. (more…)