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October 29, 2011

No Giant Corporatists Allowed

We really don’t need giant corporations and giant corporatists.  They greedily demand, consume or despoil resources far in excess of their fair share.  The greedy bastards want all of the earth’s resources.  Those resources are humanity’s trust.  Any attempt to privatize and unfairly profit from their sale and exploitation is criminal, anti-life, anti-social and less than human behavior. It is corporatists who have distorted and corrupted our government, so-called “big labor” (usually written with capital B and L by rightwing ideologues) is a distant sideshow. Big Labor does not control the airwaves or congress or the Supreme Court, Big Business corporatists do; and did not send all our jobs offshore, or destroy our economy, Big Business corporatists did. Their most ardent advocates, other than the greedy who profit by them, are often Ayn Rand-hypnotized libertarians – it is well to recall that Ayn fashioned her hero in her well-known Atlas Shrugged from a real sociopathic serial killer; Ayn Rand found early inspiration in 1920’s murderer William Hickman, whom she admired for his utter disdain for other people.

Corporatists and their minions and admirers are nothing more than grazing, killing, baby-making, eating, pooping machines; their single purpose is to proselytize consumers and consumption.  In this sense, they are animals, not humans.  The faux spiritual life they pretend to advocate is practiced, preached rote; an imitation of sense, sensibility and spirituality.  Many speak of an imaginary god, which asks, to whom are they really praying?  If the outcome of their chosen path is misery and deprivation for most of humanity, how can they possibly argue for a god’s blessing, a conscience, or any other claim of compassion or even simple human sympathy?  It is because they are not human; they are poor dumb animals: fodder is all. (more…)