Saving Time

No More Troops to Afghanistan
Dear President Obama,
Stop sending troops to Afghanistan. I am a Vietnam veteran.
We stood nearly twenty years (dating from the early 50’s when Eisenhower put the first American boots on the ground) while our military-industrial complex ruined Vietnam. Our prolonged stay, and side invasions of Cambodia and Laos, generationally disrupted and destabilized Southeast Asia, distorted America’s rule of law, and led directly to the Bush neoconservative leadership miasma.
We are now fighting a war for the health and life of the republic, as a result. Look at how the radical right Republicans have warped the nation they want us to fight for, die for, and honor. The self-destructive insanity of the radical right Republican way of war makes it looks as if the bad guys have already won.
These are politically motivated wars, fought to extremes because of ill-informed egos and profit. These bloody-handed murderers-by-proxy began their plunder of the American nation by taking the Peace Dividend away from us after the Berlin Wall fell. They shifted to terrorism as the object of their monolithic war machine, and plunged the whole world into wrack and ruin. Bush’s indefensible “give war a chance” was disgusting; so is Obama’s current pursuit of it.
End the war now, no matter how wimpy it looks to arrested-adolescent bullyboys, or corporatist oil barons and banksters. We’ve got a lot of positive work to do, and one dollar spent on peace really is worth ten wasted in war!
While we’re at it, let’s impeach the Supreme Court Five!

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