NERO: I want to practice the speech I’m giving to the senate next week. I’ve entitled it, “The Importance of Philanthropy.”
OTHO: Caring for the welfare of others? That’s a novelty for the senate!
NERO: It is, isn’t it? You see, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Listen: (Rises, arranges himself) “Friends, gentlemen of Rome, I don’t come here to praise my own accomplishments. I leave that to lesser men. I’m content to do right and take no credit for it. That’s the mark of a truly modest man. My good works speak for themselves and while they’re far too numerous to mention, let me just tell you about one, to illustrate my point. To whit, my elimination of the most onerous taxes on the houses of our aristocrats. I need no applause for this act. But, gentle friends, I am at a loss to explain the curious lack of any return to the welfare of the state from your newfound largesse. Why are there no new contributions to the fire fund, or for repair of our civic and religious buildings? Why is there no added relief to the poor? I must question your sense of civic duty. Why are you hoarding your gold? Follow my example, do good works without need for praise or a remuneration greater than what was given.” (Sits). You’re trying not to laugh. Well, it makes me laugh, too. What do you think?
OTHO: They’ll be outraged, but you’ll get a generous outpouring of civic philanthropy.
NERO: There had better be. I need the money. I should never have revoked those aristocratic taxes in the first place. More wine?

Roman Nights Series.

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