“Puppets” is one of thousands of anti-war, anti-capitalist posters done by American high school seniors in a national competition in 1918 to protest World War I and War Profiteering.

The Second Great Republican Depression forced states to cut back their budgets. The cuts affected services that working families need to survive.
The Iraq war cost Americans more than $338 million a day. We borrowed $343 million every day to finance it. Gas prices doubled what they were before the war.
That money could help people who are hurting. For much less than we spend on the military, we could pay for affordable housing, healthcare, or education for hundreds of thousands.
Our skyrocketing debt is a growing drag on the economy, slowing recovery and robbing generations of a secure future. Afghanistan continues to suck up resources we need to make our economy work again.
MoveOn writes, “The tradeoffs are stark: bombs or unemployment insurance, billions for Halliburton and Blackwater, or help for people who lost their homes because of the [criminally orchestrated] sub prime meltdown?”
Economic forecasts will be grim as long as we continue to dump billions into reckless wars with no end in sight. The excessive and increasing degradation of our domestic economy is an attack on the nation. Allowing our president and congress to prosecute these wars without reference to the American people is unpatriotic. It is patriotic to OPPOSE these excessive, costly and ultimately illegal privatized wars. [Vietnam veteran].

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