There is a plethora of crisis and dispute, a right royal battle between good and evil, rich against poor, corporatist plutocrats against democracy, and truth versus fiction. Most of the topics and alarms I’ve had to share, I have shared. They are now common lament from progressive to mainstream media, and even right wing media acknowledges them by manically denying their existence. Glenn Beck holds rallies to celebrate the void. The Repuglicons stand for greed and despoliation; they would defoliate the planet to make a lousy useless buck; they’d sacrifice their own grandmothers for a bus token. My guess is that they will be huddled in a cave eating pieces of our corpses as the seas rise, the winds howl and the sun bakes the earth flat in the wasteland they created. Honest to the Big Sky-borne Nincompoop, they can have that.

[NOTE: We need a Progressive Revolution: defeat all Repuglicons, Koch brothers Tea Potty goons, corporatist democrats and racist “blue dog” democrats. Most specifically, do not support racists, reject them and reject racism. Racism sucks! Keep your eye on the prize: we have a world to potentially save].

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