WHILE ROME BURNS » whileromeburnsbrushortsm

The ONLY sure cure for the planet and the country is to CLEAN HOUSE OF REPUGLICONS AND TEA POTTIERS.

It is really hard to listen to people try to make sense out of an illogical situation. They want to treat this as just another political debate, using their media 101 text. But this isn’t business as usual. Our country is under concerted right wing attack.
Republicans and the Koch brothers’ Tea Potty numbskulls have been a disaster for our country and the world. They don’t care for any nation – not even America; their allegiance is to their private fortunes. They feel no responsibility or obligation to the society that enabled their success. They will destroy the people’s government to work to selfish ends.
REPUBLICAN WAR ON AMERICA: https://johnlegry.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/repuglicon-war-on-america/

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