For the edification of the KKKRISTIAN CHILD PORN PUSHERS,pay attention:

AYN RAND wrote: “I am against God. I don’t approve of religion. It is a sign of a psychological weakness … I regard it as evil.”

JESUS CHRIST (supposedly) said: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:25.

Dear KKKristians, Repuglicons and Tea Bag Partiers: Please choose one, otherwise you’re doing it wrong.

Attn: KKKRISTIAN CHILD PORN PUSHERS: Remember the GOLDEN RULE? Do you recall what it was? Do you ever practice it?

Sound Advice for all of the above:

Award-winning photographer David Slater had his camera hijacked by a crested black macaque in Indonesia, which took its own picture.

Well, the KKKRISTIAN CHILD PORN PUSHERS are back at it. What set them off is an edit of what set them off before: MY STORY BEGINS reprise

KKKRISTIAN CHILD PORN PUSHERS sent mountains of child porn spam (cowardly anonymous attacks from behind virtual firewalls by fundamentalist “kkkristians” as our friend Richard Halasz of Stand Up Comedy Inc. calls them). This nest of vipers slams child porn to intimidate.  No one should use child pornography for any reason. These fundamentalist child pornography-pushers are helping the pornographers. They have no claim to moral high ground. Child porn ought to be a fast track to their god’s Abyss.  Never know it by their fixation on weird incestuous and vicious stuff – definitely not normal, not normal at all. What dark corner do these true believers inhabit?

We thought they’d actually had a moral revelation, perhaps learning from the scolding we gave them in .  They ceased  to spam child porn and began spamming spurious advertising spam – still by the boatload, no less annoying, but at least they went up from child porn to grand larceny and fraud. It was slightly less offensive, and far more tolerable than outright prostitution of the truly innocent. See:

However, they returned again because we rattled their rattlesnake cage and disturbed  digestion of their latest field mouse. Honestly, these bozos must have the mental capacities of simple livestock. The best way to stay superstitious and ignorant is to be born (or reborn) into and rededicated to it throughout life. It surpasses all human communication to reason with essentially childlike creatures who holler dirty words and throw rocks in response to intelligent argument. They stand self-revealed as dirty-minded morons, sub-human filth-spewing apes – not the nice kind like Chester Bestos.

Note: Have to laugh: they’re sending a double portion of garbage – smut and scams combined in an “international frenzy of outrage.” They have no sense of proportion and no hope of ever scaring us with their wicked wicked corrupting ways. What juvenile meat heads. As Joan Rivers so aptly phrases it, “Oh, grow up!” LOL.

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