Please note – the History Channel, International History channel, Military Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, and other shows currently on television are all engineered to avoid American History from 1968 to the present.  Oh, yes, there are superficial exceptions: how the army rangers felt who parachuted into Grenada, for example, but no critique of why they were there policy-wise, or how it fed into the on-going Reagan-Republican orchestrated CIA destabilization program for “socialist,” or “democratic” countries that might resist U.S. commercial domination – read: “big multi-national corporations.” JFK’s death, RFK’s death, Dr. King’s and Malcolm’s deaths took the bright vision of America from us, and left the fear-mongering, greedy bastards who may have colluded to kill them in charge of our nation.  Conspiracy theorists are maligned, but there is truth in what they have to say.

I was in Washington D.C. when Nixon was inaugurated.  It was a glum, horrible, overcast day, cold and rainy, bleak, and that’s where he took the country – into a foggy frozen limbo.  Under Nixon, Allende was assassinated in Chile for advancing the democracy and social justice that drove up the cost of doing business for the usual profiteers.  We invaded Cambodia and Laos to cleanse the place of heathen anti-capitalist Vietnamese, whom we nearly bombed and napalmed into the Stone Age, in order to defend an exploitative ruling elite that served western economic and, therefore, our own geo-political economic interests.  Nixon bugged our loyal opposition party’s campaign headquarters, cheating and lying his way not only into election, but re-election.  He set the modern pattern for Oval Office cover-ups and executive stonewalling, and turned up the paranoid distrust and oppression of the American people by its corrupted leaders.

Reagan compounded it.  Reagan reinforced and made it somehow “acceptable,” made us “comfortable” with our subversion.  Whenever possible, Reagan legalized it.  Under Reagan, Cheney and Rumsfeld began to plan for a “shadow government” to bypass Congress and the Supreme Court, corrupt the Justice Department, and seize power from the rightful, lawful government of the United States; that is, We, the People.  Their “shadow government” serves the interests of the rich, powerful, radical right, elitist leaders of the multi-national corporations, the possessors of the great fascist slave-based capitalist fortunes that have crushed people around the world for generations.  When will we put a full stop to their greedy madness?  It is clear that they know they have to stop us – cold.  They are ruthless, and we should defend ourselves to the death, for they will kill us directly, or indirectly, if we do not. For the record, they have:

Ruined our environment.

Stolen our money.

Corrupted our government. 

Crippled our labor movement. 

Trashed our economy.

Attacked the Middle Class.

Forced us out of our homes.

The list of their offenses – crimes they have made legal by reason of seizing the law and twisting it to their tyranny and abuse – is long and despicable.

They are the great criminals of our age.

They are the super pirates, cutthroats, robbers, tricksters, hoodlums, and villains of our time.  They will finally rank as the monsters that destroyed a Golden Age.  We are living at the end of Camelot.  A Dark Age is about to fall, if we allow it to happen, and they – the neoconservative corporatist republicans – made it happen.

If there is to really be any justice, if we do want to save ourselves from the horrors of their fascist creation, there must be a reckoning.  Very soon.

[READ MORE:  The Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited corporate spending in politics is outrageous. What can be done? Here are some good ways to fight back and unplug from the corporatist state. 10 Ways to Stop Corporate Dominance of Politics** (Abstract from Fran Korten, YES! Magazine).  https://johnlegry.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/how-to-fight-corporatists-reprise/


Six generations are required to

Forget the people, deeds,

and glories of the past,

The great spaces, places,

Faces, and traces of

The first generation,

Inheritance of the second,

Legacy of the third,

Plaything of the fourth,

Burden of the fifth,

Disinterest of the sixth;

Six generations shall pass

When all shall be

Forgotten but not forgiven

As descendents reinvent

And then eat

Their ancestors

Ancient sins.

jl:pdx, 9-09

WALDO IN REVERY (from COMMON LIVES, novel in progress).

“What was it that I was thinking?” Waldo asked. “It was in my head a minute ago, but now it’s gone.  That happens more and more, a lot these days, but I don’t care.  I don’t care what golden gem is lost to posterity – if there actually is one.  It doesn’t matter to me that memories are lost because I don’t remember them.  Yet they don’t seem permanently lost.  Just temporarily on hold, awaiting the stimulus, the word, the look, the object, the thing which will reanimate them and I shall recall and in recalling find some new thing and that is the wonder and the mystery and the magic of the inner life.”

“Are you happy now, Waldo?” Monroe asked.

“Regretful, I think.  No, that’s too strong.  I look back with poignancy.  I’ve made a normally pathetic human progress, of note or remark, only because it’s mine.”

“Did you figure it all out?”

“No, some of it, enough to satisfy me that I can’t change human nature, behavior.  I will never find that magic phrase, create that one work which will resonate in every human heart and inspire every human soul.  Not that I couldn’t do it if they were receptive to it.”

“Of course not.  You’re a lot calmer, Waldo.”

“Age, of course.  The fires of youth burn low and now simmer with a pleasant cook.  Haven’t consumed all of the fuel yet, still got some to burn.  I can stroll rather than run through life now.  I can actually see what it is that I’ve been passing and probably ignoring.  My whole life has been en route, never arrived and that’s just the way it is for everyone if they just stop to admit it.”

“Or recognize it.  Interesting,” Monroe admitted.


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