A TERRIFIC RIDE! » C-H – Gentlemen’s Car

Gentlemen’s Car


From Copper’s Tale:
Follow the porter’s bobbin’ white-coated back down the aisle toward the back o’ the train and out the door, across a platform into the next car, through that and over the next platform, and into a Pullman palace “Gentlemen Only” club car – mahogany pillars, mirrors, rich red carpet. Quiet nooks wi’ gentlemen sittin’ here and there, readin’, drinkin’, snoozin’, some lookin’ out windows. Roy and Tom are together – Tom’s buried in a book, wearin’ little wire spectacles, and Roy looks stuffed and important, starin’ at nothin’ in particular. Both of ’em glance at me, but they don’t know me from the tramp I was. Back o’ the car is fitted wi’ bathtub, barber chair, soaps, razors and shavin’ mugs. Another colored gent here, thin-faced fellah wi’ one white eye and one yellow; poetry.
“Gent needs a shave and haircut, Jack,” says the porter.
“All aboard!” shouts a heavy bass voice outside. Train’s movin’! I’m outta bloody dumb damn Yreka! Oh, thank ye, Jesus!
“Thanks,” I says to the porter.
“My pleasure, sir,” he says. Tips his cap and leaves as Jack slips me coat off and hangs it up.

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