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FYI – CLICK THE IMAGE to get the meme link. The Pepper-spray Cop meme began in prototype at my alma mater, University of California at Davis – be sure to watch the video clip at the end of this link to the end. PEPPER SPRAY AT DAVIS, CA

Crocodile Tears Aren’t Just for Crocodiles

The nation-wide para-military police response to Occupy Wall Street is a HUGE unjustified waste of police force and precious overtime funds. Don’t buy any official’s feigned nobility – they are mismanaging the situation, using absolute overkill on the protestors, and crying crocodile tears over ordinary crime (even including rape) victims that their mismanagement and mis-allocation of resources created: “We can’t go catch murderers because we’re busy beating up regular citizens, exercising their right to free speech and assembly.”  Do they think they are re-fighting World War II?

Ever read Tsun Tsu? This Chinese genius wrote a book called The Art of War around 420 BCE – it is about the strategy of indirection – achieving one’s objectives with minimum effort and the least HARM  to both sides. It treats war – conflict – first as a human lapse of understanding, and something calling for other than a total frenzied Braveheart head-on collision. Total War is ignorant arrogance and results in gory battles such as Verdun and long drawn out fiascoes such as Vietnam and Afghanistan. Every major military victory fought by anyone ever has been achieved using Tsun Tsu’s methods – Leonidas at Thermopylae; Sherman’s March, cinching Union victory in the American Civil War; Patton’s end run to relieve the heroes at Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge; and Schwarzkopf’s blitzkrieg tactics in Desert Storm. American military and para-military types study the book, but mostly fail to apply it.  I highly recommend it to everyone in any OWS encampment because they will win with it.

I also recommend Mediation Services if you can still find them. Confrontation creates opposition; simple as that. Push gets shove: formulaic. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction: Sir Isaac applied to human relations.

Governments around the country aren’t generally working on the problems that the protestors are raising. In the main, American government at all levels deals with bureaucratically generated responses to business conditions as advanced by business interests. Too narrow a decision process creates loose ends, unresolved issues, and actual deprivation. We always forget those who have no representation at the table. Additionally, most of our governments do not appear to have any people people working for them – at least not placed in positions of sufficient authority and power.  The most common government effort is to control participation and use public safety officers to suppress human beings fighting for survival. It won’t work; it is a dike of sand against a raging sea

More private growth and development is a good idea? Only a progressive roll-up-the-sleeves and get busy public works program will change conditions, including local rules and regulations to control banks and corporations if the feds can’t or won’t act.   We have entered a critical path and must either respond positively or succumb to it. Otherwise, the protest will grow, conditions will continue to deteriorate – police will keep wasting overtime – and our nation will proceed at whatever pace straight to hell where it appears to be going anyway: oar-less, on the edge of the falls, caught in a whirlpool.

Please consider a few “cop” generalizations from personal experience:

  1. I.Q. average is 100.
  2. Think they are the defending army, not servants of the general public.
  3. Overheard in a hobby store – cop daddy, boasting to clerk while cop’s little boy searches for war game figures: “Yeah, President is coming to town. I go on duty this afternoon, doing crowd control down by the Sheraton. We expect the usual hippy bastard anarchist demonstrators. I hope we get a good Watch Commander; some of them won’t let you touch the crowd, but once in a while you get a good one who will let you bust heads. I want to bust a few heads!” Laughs.
  4. Tend to conduct the “American Way of War,” that is, “total war,” going into the situation with maximum force and capacity for violent suppression. This probably stems from personal fear turned into policy by politically astute command leadership. Can’t argue with protecting the troops from harm, but can argue with the troops for always being disposed to kill, cripple or maim.

In the early sixties the West German police met each crowd with the lowest possible force. If the crowd was festive, the officers might not wear side arms, or carry batons in their hands. If the crowd became unruly out came the sticks, shields and helmets. The next level might be water cannons and horse police; then tear gas and baton charges. The last resort – never reached in that period, or ever as far as we know – was armed suppression, a la, Syria or Qaddafi. The West Germans always went back to START with each new crowd and escalated only in accordance with that crowd’s specific actions.

The mindless boob Ronald Reagan, as governor of California in the Seventies, changed the American response from his first crowd – beginning soft and escalating until he reached full-scale assault charges on the Berkeley campus of the University of California a few crowds later. He didn’t treat each crowd as a separate crowd; he treated all crowds as the same crowd! He never went back to low-level response. He never returned to public servant status. He went up to and remained at military high alert – him against: Them, reinforcing and institutionalizing a distinct police culture of state (establishment) against the people. His practice of “American exceptionalism” – so called – was to except everyone who disagreed with him.

We are reminded of Luke 19:27 – “But those mine enemies, which would not that I reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” Yet another reason to keep church and state separate.

We will not cure or ameliorate society’s ills by smashing those who are suffering because of them. Old Chinese saying prevails: “Once every 200 years an angry mob shows up on the steps of the Forbidden City.”  Capitalists take note: if there is no room for us, there will be no room for you. That’s not promise; it is prophecy.

Why We Fight

"Play it again, Sam!"

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