PARTY’S OVER?  How important is it to ignore the Democratic Party, DCCC (congressional democrats) and DCCS (senatorial democrats) funding pleas to fill their coffers for general unspecified disbursement?  Will the party collapse, will senate and congressional Democratic representation shrink?  The dilemma is that the label “Democrat” does not a democrat make. CLICK the PIC to see what Progressives stood for at the turn of the Twentieth Century:


Electing a corporate right wing democrat is the same as electing a republican obstructionist – they are part of the problem, not its solution – we’re being overwhelmed and hurt on a daily basis by the corporatists.  The corporatists are attacking the rest of us and seek to control us; they are the enemy of democracy.

So-called “Bluedog” right wing Democrats who favor a de-evolutionary return to the Salem Witch Trials and a pre-civil rights pre-Darwin era are also unacceptable.  We don’t need or want any pseudo-Democrats talking about “mud people,” or assaulting a woman’s right to reproductive freedom, taking office with Party blessing and funding.

On this score, the simple question is: Does the Democratic Party owe allegiance to the people, or to corporate bosses and other human rights foes?  Present answer is both, but the practical end result is a stagnant society headed for a crash.  We shall lose the fight for posterity if we do not act now to liberalize and prepare our nation for what is to come.  Delay can only spring from denial, and facts speak for themselves.

We can’t just make do with any available candidate any more.

It does no good to fund the Party when it will preserve the current terrible Biblically-proportioned Progressive-Rightwing stalemate.  Ergo, no donations ought to go to the collective while the present debacle proceeds.  The Party must re-earn trust with a Progressive agenda, candidates and deeds, or suffer an erosion of the base.  Live up to the Bill of Human Rights, not down on bended knee to the Corporatists.  Purge** right wing tag-alongs and spoilers, and proudly re-declare faith in the rightness and absolute necessity for a common sense Progressive approach to our serious national problems.  [** “Purge”  as in throwing up and/or voiding one’s bowels of poison to save one’s life.]

In the meantime, citizens can give directly to Progressive candidates ONLY, and NOT give to the party slush fund at any level of its bureaucracy.  If this is not done, the problem not only continues, but accelerates our collapse.

The Democratic Party needs a thorough house-cleaning right into the Whitehouse, or we need to build a new Progressive Party to advance and implement a rational must-do Natural and Human Rights agenda for the common good. is working on just that; take the time to take a look to see if you want to join the cause:

CLICK THE PIC for a good tip on how you can personally help beat the banksters:

Just say, “Yes!”

SELFLESS SAD SACHS: Goldman: We Are Not ‘Vampire Squid Wrapped Around Humanity’s Face’

Goldman Sachs Denies ‘Betting Against Clients’ by Graeme Wearden April 7, 2010 by The Guardian/UK. Nine months after being labelled “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity”, Goldman Sachs issued a wide-ranging justification of its conduct before, during and after the financial crisis. In a letter to shareholders issued alongside Goldman’s 2009 annual report, the Wall Street bank denied that it “bet against its clients” when it changed its position in the housing market in 2007, shortly before prices began to collapse. The eight-page letter, signed by chief executive Lloyd Blankfein and president Gary Cohn, also contained a detailed defence of the $12.9bn (£8.5bn) payout which Goldman received from AIG after the failed insurance giant was bailed out by the US government. The letter appears to be a detailed response to some of the allegations made nine months ago by Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi. His article, which argued that Goldman had repeatedly profited by inflating unsustainable financial bubbles, received widespread coverage. It included the claim that the company was “relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”  Goldman was the biggest beneficiary from the US government’s bailout of AIG in autumn 2008. Goldman claimed at the time that its exposure to AIG was “immaterial”, but in March 2009 it emerged that it actually received $12.9bn of the $44bn handed to various counterparties who had taken out insurance contracts with AIG.  READ MORE:

Aw shucks, that explains everything!  They just had to take the money.  They did it for us!

Update 9-12-11: “Goldman Sachs’ Tarnished Brand And Falling Stock Price By Scott Rubin. Goldman Sachs used to be a highly respected Wall Street investment bank. The brand was synonymous with success, and the firm maintained a sterling reputation. For the most part, those days are merely nostalgia and lore. The Goldman Sachs brand and reputation are on life support – along with the firm’s stock price. The Vampire Squid of finance is in real trouble once again. The stock price is down close to 40% year-to-date. While profits may return (and that is a big if), it is going to take years and years for the firm to undo the damage that it has done to its brand and reputation. Rumors are that Goldman may take itself private as opposed to watch its equity price continue to plummet amid the unflattering public and media spotlight. Taxpayers can view this as a wonderful idea as it would insure that Goldman cannot come begging for money when the next financial crisis strikes. In the meantime, however, there does not appear to be any relief on the horizon for Goldman shareholders as the world’s financial sector looks to be on the verge of another meltdown.”

The United Corporations of America.

ROBERT RUBIN RETURNS by Eamons Javers April 8, 2010 by

Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin – who watched his reputation as an economic titan shatter after leaving the Clinton White House – is decidedly out of favor in the nation’s capital. Except one place – the Obama administration. Behind the scenes, Rubin still wields enormous influence in Barack Obama’s Washington, chatting regularly with a legion of former employees who dominate the ranks of the young administration’s policy team. He speaks regularly to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who once worked for Rubin at Treasury. According to Geithner’s public calendar, the Treasury Secretary spoke or met with Rubin at least four times in the first six months of Geithner’s tenure. Three of those chats, including an hour-long session in Rubin’s New York office, came before President Obama released his Wall Street regulatory reform proposal in June of 2009. Rubin’s is a discreet kind of influence, though, because the veteran Wall Street hand is still dealing with the fallout from his post-White House career. He took a job at Citigroup, where the bank’s collapse was averted only by the injection of $45 billion in taxpayer bailout cash. Some of the ideas he espoused at Treasury in the go-go 1990s – such an aggressive push to deregulate financial markets – were blamed by some for the recent financial meltdown.  READ MORE:

Current Assessment 9-16-11:  The Business Insider — In the list of people most responsible for the economy’s wreckage, Robert Rubin is the only person who can rival Alan Greenspan for the top spot. [I would pin the Koch brothers and their Fortune 500 CEO co-conspirators too].


Amend U.S. Constitution to declare that corporations are not persons and do not have the rights of human beings. Congresswoman Donna Edwards and constitutional law professor Jamie Raskin speak out against the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC and call for a mass movement of people to support a constitutional amendment.

We Move to Amend.

We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United, and move to amend our Constitution to:

  • Firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.  
  • Guarantee the right to vote and to participate, and to have our votes and participation count.
  • Protect local communities, their economies, and democracies against illegitimate “preemption” actions by global, national, and state governments.  

Signed by 132,609 and counting . . . CONTACT:

CLICK the PIC for Thomas Paine’s solution to corporate raids upon the public treasury.

Thomas Paine - Author-Patriot, 1737-1809.

“The world is my country. To do good is my religion.”

Last Words:  “Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child.”

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