Award-winning photographer David Slater had his camera hijacked by a crested black macaque in Indonesia, which took its own picture. The animal is extremely rare and endangered, which makes this big macaque attack picture all the more special.

KKKRISTIAN CHILD PORNO-PUSHERS: I’ve received mountains of child porn spam recently for a critique of religion – cowardly anonymous attacks from behind virtual firewalls by fundamentalist “kkkristians” (as my friend Richard Halasz of Stand Up Comedy Inc. calls them). This nest of vipers slams child porn in hopes of what – intimidation, mental masturbation? No one should use child pornography for any reason. These kkkristian fundamentalist child pornography-pushers are helping the pornographers! They dishonor themselves and their cause. They have no claim to the moral high ground. A friend says they deserve to be in jail, or an asylum and later in hell if there is one. May their god forgive them? Child porn is fast track to the Abyss, I’d guess. MY STORY BEGINS reprise


As a writer, I always feel that every word written has a right to be read, and should be printed if it’s at all worth notice.  But, that’s purely subjective, clouded and confused by personal motive and a general fear of words.  They’re just little dark lines on a white background of paper.  How can they hurt anyone? Do they leap off the page and stab us in the face?  Do they stalk, persecute, and annoy?  Are they yowling cats on the back fence? Are they nagging crows perched on wires?  How do they hurt us?  How is it, why is it, that we are so frightened by them?

Of course, it’s the thoughts they express that make words dangerous.  We usually hear the plaint, “I can take it, but others can’t” (notably children, who appear to be tabula rasa – blank tablet – per John Locke, totally malleable unfilled brains just waiting to be corrupted by the slightest zephyr of difference, shade of meaning, nuance of individuality, or scintilla of doubt).  Should these people have the power to decide what the rest of us will see, based upon how enlightened and/or ignorant they are, how repressed or free, pessimistic or hopeful?  God, grant nothing but enlightened, free, hopeful censors!  Unfortunately, the ignorant, repressed, pessimistic kind creates the problems; they cannot prevent them, because they make them.

Censorship is anathema to a free nation.  It has no place in rational society.  It is counter to science, curiosity and progress – both spiritual and physical.  The crime is that we may allow some of us to handicap and so control the rest of us.  Screw the bastards.  They’ve no right to manage other people’s minds.  Send them away in shame.


Mcoville Says: Quick question, if I join the FFRF will I be free to think that God is real?

Johnlegry Says: As far as I know, you’re free to believe in god, or anything else as a freethinker – Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, and most of the founding fathers were freethinkers and deists: people who believe in a prime mover, but see religion as corrupt and man-made, and the source of thousands of years of needless human suffering; hence, their Constitutional insistence on the separation of church and state.

Richard Halasz Says: Subservience to folly shackles the imagination. And Freethought Today, the newspaper of the FFRF, among other things, details how those who are free to think, are not tethered to the tired and tattered ‘security’ blankets of religion. Freedom from Religion FoundationThe Freedom From Religion Foundation, with more than 16,400 members, is the largest association of freethinkers (atheists and agnostics) in the United States. FFRF has been working since 1978 to promote freethought and to keep state and church separate.The Foundation promotes freedom from religion with a weekly national radio show, a newspaper, a freethought billboard campaign and other educational endeavors, including scholarships for freethinking students. The Foundation acts on countless violations of the separation of state and church, and has taken and won many significant complaints and important lawsuits to end state/church entanglements and challenge the “faith-based initiative.”Want to join in ffrf’s critical work to defend the separation between government and religion? Membership in the nonprofit, tax-exempt Foundation includes a subscription of ten issues a year to the Foundation’s lively newspaper, Freethought Today. All dues and donations are deductible for income-tax purposes. Get involved: Join or make a donation to ffrf’s Legal Fund.

Freedom depends upon freethinkers.


“Can’t swear, can’t talk about religion and politics, race, or lifestyle.  People tune out if ya do.  Make sure yer pronunciation is correct, or the comics will eat ya alive.  Be careful with ideas: they make people very uneasy.  For god’s sake, don’t be negative; be positive, upbeat, and try to sound profound somehow – not too profound, just sort of wise, or sort of a natural good guy about it.  Nobody likes a know-it-all.  You’ll figure it out; it’s in through there.”

Kant Do It:

Kant said that no one could or would ever empirically establish whether or not god exists, so why bother? The people scurrying about the “Holy” Land gathering up broken pots in ancient garbage heaps, and digging out the battered remnants of distant lives, will not thereby prove or disprove the presence of any holy spirit at any site at any time.  The fact that some bricks are scorched in Jericho and that the prostitute-traitor’s house (read the book) “may be that one” are conclusive of destruction, but mute on the subject of an invisible god’s genuine and verifiable machination causing it.

But people need to believe: in anything, in something, the more hopeful the better.  The less plausible, still acceptable (see: Mormons, Scientologists, the knuckleheads in tenny-runners who went off to see the comet, Jim Jones, et al), provided the final reward remains colossal (so you want to be a millionaire?).  Hope, a.k.a. faith, springs eternal for all of us, and, as Martha Stewart says, “That’s a good thing.”  However, as even a fool should know, “wishing on a star” doesn’t pay the bills.

“Faith is belief in things unseen,” said “St. Paul” a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus, inventor of the Paulist Christian doctrine, which was adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine purely as a weapon against his political enemies.  It is in fact, anything anyone wants it to be, as he proved.  Believe it, or not.  Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews — A History by James Carroll


Star-spangled Savior Hollywood Boom Flag. Commercial censors kicked this back for “nudity.” Note: there is nothing below the waist on the broken icon; the model was a vandalized plaster statue. Methinks other prejudices were in play. Mixed media ink. Interstellar Parking Lot

LAST WORDS: People yell the loudest when the hit is closest to a truth they don’t want to confront or admit. Peace and Love, y’all. Out.

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