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A few ideas: 10 Ways to Dump the Corporatist State; and 10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who’ve Been Screwing You:


Obama Quietly Backs Patriot Act Provisions by William Fisher Inter Press Service

NEW YORK – With the health care debate preoccupying the mainstream media, it went virtually unreported that the Barack Obama administration quietly supported renewal of provisions of the George W. Bush-era USA Patriot Act that infringe on basic freedoms.

And it did so over the objections of some prominent Democrats.

When a panicky Congress passed the act 45 days after the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11, 2001, three contentious parts of the law were scheduled to expire, and opponents of these sections pushed Congress to substitute new provisions with substantially strengthened civil liberties protections.

But with the approval of the Obama White House and a number of Republicans – and over the objections of liberal Senate Democrats including Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Dick Durbin of Illinois – the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to extend the three provisions with only minor changes.

Those provisions would leave unaltered the power of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to seize records and to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mail in the course of counterterrorism investigations.  READ MORE:

Antarctic Ice Loss Vaster, Faster Than Thought: Study The Independent/UK

The East Antarctic icesheet, once seen as largely unaffected by global warming, has lost billions of tons of ice since 2006 and will boost sea levels in the future.

In 2007 the UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) predicted sea levels would rise 18 to 59 centimetres (7.2 to 23.2 inches) by 2100, but this estimate did not factor in the potential impact of crumbling icesheets in Greenland and Antarctica. READ MORE:

Climate Change Sceptics and Lobbyists Put World at Risk, says Top Adviser by David Adam The Guardian/UK

Chance to limit warming squandered, says scientist.  World needs to prepare to cope with at least 3-4C rise.

Climate change sceptics and fossil fuel companies that have lobbied against action on greenhouse gas emissions have squandered the world’s chance to avoid dangerous global warming, a key adviser to the government has said.

In an interview with the Guardian, Professor Bob Watson, chief scientist at the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs said: “Those that have opposed a deal on climate, which would include elements of the fossil fuel industry, have clearly made making a 2C target much, much harder, if not impossible. They’ve clearly put the world at risk of far more adverse effects of climate change.”   READ MORE:

Taking Care of Business: How Big Business Hijacked Climate Talks by Oscar Reyes The New Internationalist

A new realism has emerged. Climate change is no longer rejected as a bogus theory the economy can ill afford. Instead, it’s a business opportunity.

Companies like ExxonMobil and the Koch Brothers saw no profits in ‘climate solutions’, so opposed any climate legislation.  Now, carbon markets – the buying and selling of the right to pollute – are at the heart of proposals for a new global deal, and the ‘progressive’ wing of big business, backed by large US-based NGOs, argues that this market-driven approach is the only way to secure an international emissions reductions deal.

The problem is, critics say, that carbon markets are delaying genuine action on climate change, and shifting attention away from the fundamental task of rapidly phasing out fossil fuels.  How did it come to this?  READ MORE:

CHIEF SEALTH: It matters little where we pass the remnant of our days.  They will not be many.  A few more moons; a few more winters – and not one of the descendents of the mighty hosts that once moved over this broad land or lived in happy homes, protected by the Great Spirit, will remain to mourn over the graves of a people once more powerful and hopeful than yours.  But why should I mourn at the untimely fate of my people?  Tribe follows tribe, and nation follows nation, and regret is useless.  Your time of decay may be distant, but it will surely come, for even the white man whose God walked and talked with him as friend to friend, cannot be exempt from the common destiny.  We may be brothers after all.  We will see.  – Chief Sealth, addressing a treaty negotiating party, 1855.

Is it time yet?  KOKO (Keep on keepin’ on).  j

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