Medicare Go Bye-Bye, Boo-Hoo!

Here’s the thing you need to know about Medicare. There are folks in Washington who don’t like it. Since Medicare began, they’ve been trying to foul it up, gut it, or eliminate it altogether. And these voices aren’t coming from the fringes anymore — they’re front and center, forcing a debate on something that shouldn’t even be up for discussion.

These politicians actually want to put insurance companies in charge of seniors’ health care, cut benefits, and make folks pay more for prescriptions they need. And they’re being taken seriously. So seriously, in fact, that one of them decided that he would challenge me for Senate.

And it’s not just seniors who are in these extremists’ line of fire — my opponent wants to kick students and young adults off their parent’s health insurance plans, and then let big insurance companies drive sick people into bankruptcy by removing limits on out-of-pocket costs. When the special interests come knocking at his door, he’s always been ready to make a deal with them.

The most extreme voices in Washington have moved into the mainstream. They’ve got Medicare under attack and big corporations waiting by to take over the health care decisions you and I should get to make.

But I promise that no matter how loud they get, how hard they push, or how many campaign dollars they wave around, I’ll stay just as strong as I always have — standing by you, standing for Medicare, standing up for our future.

You can count on that.

Thanks for staying involved,

Jon Tester, Senator from Montana

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