SAY NO TO KOCH FIENDS » Governor Jan Brewer R – Arizona

Governor Jan “Show-no-mercy!” Brewer (R) of Arizona.

She is the premier Proponent of Execution by Healthcare Funding Cut. “You don’t need that heart transplant. Your life isn’t as important as the State’s balanced budget.”
The contrast between Abraham Lincoln and the modern Republican Party is glaring. Lincoln fought for democracy and union; modern Republicans fight for money and self-interest. Lincoln was (by report) an unassuming and humble man; it is hard to name one modern Republican who is not awash in arrogance and hubris. Lincoln built the Transcontinental Railroad and won the Civil War; the present crop created the second Great Republican Recession and mired us in two unwinnable wars. Lincoln worked for “One Nation Indivisible”, freedom and justice; modern Republicans work to divide, oppress and reject. Lincoln had hope for our country; the moderns have only fears for, and of it. This comparison can continue a long way – Think of “Abe-Them” pairs in your own experience. Disgusting, ain’t it? For more political images check out:

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