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Blackwater is just the tip of the iceberg.
President Bush opened the floodgates for outsourcing government jobs, and we’re still reeling from the effects.
Blackwater (now known as Xe), Halliburton, DynCorp, KBR, and Triple Canopy are just some of the multitude of private, for-profit corporations that became integral parts of the American war machine during the simultaneous Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
There is already legislation that has been introduced to tackle some of this problem. The Stop Outsourcing Security Act would prohibit the American government from using mercenaries to fight our wars.
But military contractors are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reckless government outsourcing.
We have an opportunity to change direction. The Obama administration is seeking public comments on the definition of “inherently governmental” functions, which sets the parameters government-wide for what can and cannot be outsourced.
Quit outsourcing government jobs to private contractors. The People can get the job done better for less cost and for the community’s and not just a few individuals’ profit.
The performance of mission critical security functions by profit-driven contractors is counterproductive and often immoral and criminal.
It’s bad for the morale of our real American troops to see these overpaid and pampered bought-and-sold mercenaries. I know because I have nephews and nieces who have served in our military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Talk to real American troops to hear it.
OFPP’s list of inherently governmental functions that these mercenaries must not perform should include: guard services, convoy security services, pass and identification services, plant protection services, the operation of prison or detention facilities, and any security operations that might reasonably require the use of deadly force; and, from support of intelligence activities (including covert operations), interrogation, military and police training, and repair and maintenance of weapon systems.
Machiavelli famously wrote that mercenaries might be trusted for only two things: to demand more money; and to run out when the chips are down. Don’t buy champagne for mercenaries, use our money wisely to equip and protect our real American troops.
Finally, have you given any thought to what is to happen if these mercenaries decide they’ve got a better business proposition from our archenemies? Or, face unemployment? In Europe unemployed mercenaries set off the Hundred Years’ War, which might properly be called the “Rape, Murder and Plunder Crusade.” The “Holy Crusades” were invented as a safety vent to send them packing out of town to do their dirty deeds.
Let’s not foment a restive and brutal gaggle of banditti. Send these mercenaries packing out of town, without so much as one Federal bullet.

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