BREAKING: The FCC passed new rules — written by corporations — that will end Net Neutrality.

For the first time in history, the U.S. government approved corporate censorship of the Internet, putting the future of online free speech at risk. Unbelievably, the person leading the charge was Obama appointee Julius Genachowski.

This violates President Obama’s campaign promise to protect Net Neutrality, but some media are reporting the corporate spin that this is a “Net Neutrality compromise.” It’s not — there’s no such thing as half a First Amendment. We need to set the record straight.

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By sharing, you can help us spread the top 3 reasons the rules passed today are a giveaway to big corporations and break Obama’s promise:

  1. They enshrine different rules for wired and wireless Internet — allowing big corporations to censor on your mobile phone
  2. They allow corporations to set up tollbooths online, stifling new innovators like the next YouTube who can’t pay the fees the old, crusty corporations can pay
  3. For the first time, they embrace a “public Internet” for regular people vs. a “private Internet” with all the new innovations for corporations who pay more — ending the Internet as we know it.

A more detailed explanation is here. Please pass this email to your friends so they know not to believe the corporate spin.

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Thanks for being a bold progressive, Jason Rosenbaum, Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, and the PCCC team.  The Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions to the PCCC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.



 Holy Holy Holy, Along With Many Gift Shops and Twice-Daily Crucifixions


Feeling Christmasy? What better place to celebrate than Orlando’s Holy Land Experience, a 15-acre theme park adorned with “HE IS RISEN” shrubs where you can sing Christian karaoke in the Theater of Life, buy 1st-century gimcracks in the Old Scroll Shop, get automated tours through the Bible in the Scriptorium, walk on water with Jesus, share the Last Supper with Jesus, and, twice a day, watch a bloody Jesus get dragged through the streets, and crucified. Yes. On Christmas


too. –Abby Zimet


 Assange and Rove and the Swedish Connection

Master and Turd Blossom

 Speculation is growing that Karl Rove is a key player behind the move to prosecute Julian Assange in Sweden, where Rove is a longtime friend of and adviser to the conservative Prime Minister. More here.

Twice Daily - No Standing


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