As a species, humanity is dichotomous and profound. We sing about progress as we dig in our heels to stay in the same place. We are as profound as a potato. Only god/nature can make a potato, but we can manipulate it hydroponically to grow upside down on the bottom of a fruitcake. That’s our real majesty, if we have any, that we are able to do so much. We can transcend to the heights of ridiculousness and richly imagine a perfect Hereafter, and somehow suppress evidence, split hairs and delay in the courts, debating trivia and mouthing platitudinous obscenities to obfuscate reason to ignore the fact that the Old Growth forests of the world are almost gone – in Oregon as well as in Brazil. The last clear-cut rape of all the Old Growth left on earth will not save the logger’s lifestyle, and once the old growth forest is gone, so goes the breathing apparatus for the entire planet.
As for “Infinity” did you ever notice that our symbol for the infinite is a continuous loop without relief. SURREAL ART at Jlegry Gallery

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