Variation on the Meaning of Life

Der Pocketa-pocketa Box Went Ka-Blooie

We’ve been down this week due to a gut everything and start over computer crash.  We’re back in business this evening – 4-23-2010.  Lemme tell ya, don’t buy HP printers and scanners, unless you like self-inflicted pain.  Thanks to all who visited while we were away.  Here are some “golden oldies” you may have missed:  POLLUTER BORN EVERY MINUTE ,  GLOBAL LIFE COPING INSURANCE  and  DRASTIC CO2 CUTS (a.k.a. “Death by 1,000 Pin Sticks”).  As this is written, our august leadership in congress is rapidly giving the birthrights of all Americans away to the corporate rich.  Which is to say, Situation Normal, All F****d Up.  New material coming soon. 

Cheers! j


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