MEET THE BAD GUYS » Last Bald Eagle

Perhaps the sorry truth.
There is no life insurance policy for planet earth. The fate of our planet is painful to think about. It is decades since we first became concerned about pollution, water scarcity, wastes, pesticides, overpopulation and erosion. Under Ronald Reagan the country turned away from such problems, but today they are the problems we fear most. They are global and potentially irreversible. They include the build-up of greenhouse gases, the thinning of the ozone layer, destruction of rain forests and accelerating extinctions of other species. Some would say they are impossible to stop. The world’s economy is built into them.

Yet, as Jonathan Weiner writes in The Next One Hundred Years, the changes trouble even those who try to ignore them and worry only about whether the old garage is sagging or the mortgage is due. A question mark curls above our roofs and makes a mockery of our hopes. If the earth is falling apart, there go the plans for summer vacation.

SURREAL ART at Jlegry Gallery

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