“We the Corporations” » Abe

Honest Abe, Dishonest Republicans

The contrast between Abraham Lincoln and the modern Republican Party is glaring. Lincoln fought for democracy and union; modern Republicans fight for money and self-interest. Lincoln was (by report) an unassuming and humble man; it is hard to name one modern Republican who is not awash in arrogance and hubris. Lincoln built the Transcontinental Railroad and won the Civil War; the present crop created the second Great Republican Recession and mired us in two unwinnable wars. Lincoln worked for “One Nation Indivisible”, freedom and justice; modern Republicans work to divide, oppress and reject. Lincoln had hope for our country; the moderns have only fears for, and of it. This comparison can continue a long way – Think of “Abe-Them” pairs in your own experience. Disgusting, ain’t it? For more political images, check out TheAttic Gallery: POLITICAL MEMORABILIA

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