HARD LABOR II » Hard Labor

Collage piece done during the Reagan Recession, after he cancelled the CETA Career Education and Training Act. Shortly afterward, cocaine appeared in the ghetto, and many saw a connection. Several corporate multi-national ceos were angry with the Sandistas in Nicaragua for nationalizing their property and wanted it back, even if they had to topple the rightful government. Reagan obliged with a “counter-terrorism training” program that escalated the war and saved the Contras from extinction – the locals didn’t like them and favored their own government, many were mercenaries hired by the CIA. The famous “Arms for Hostages Deal”, which freed Americans held captive in Iran is alleged to have been funded with cocaine money to keep it off-book. The money was part of the underground economic triangle that funded the Contras in their war against the indigenous democratically elected government: cocaine raised money to buy arms to give to the counter-terrorists. The Ayatollah got surplus arms diverted from the system to avoid absolute restrictions in federal law against weapons trading with Iran. The current corporatist crop of country-grabbers trained in the totalitarian laboratories of South and Central America and elsewhere around the world, wherever money and power is to be gained. They are the taipans, the lords of their great trading institutions, and it is very heady wine. A form of madness and loss of compassion go with the territory. True. Full story can be found in:
Lives, Lies and the Iran-Contra Affair (Paperback) ~ Ann Wroe
This book examines the Iran-Contra affair, the trials of Poindexter and North and the testimony of Ronald Reagan as a test-case of political morality.
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