Odd Shots and Idle Pensees #1 » Magic Mountains

Resurrection Machines

“The following morning, Charlie stared up the rough face of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Cheops or Khafre, depending upon which guidebook one happened to read. Originally 481 feet high, the Great Pyramid’s crowning 31 feet of gilded white Tura limestone from the Makattam Hills, east of Cairo, had been pirated for other buildings in Old Cairo. Still, the extant base of the Great Pyramid covered 13.1 acres, with some stones weighing as much as forty tons. Its blunted cap topped a mountain rising a tenth of a mile into the blue-white Egyptian sky. Charlie was respectfully reverent and awed.
“‘Wow! What a rock pile!’ Lou Bergleman exclaimed as he stepped up beside him.” – from: All of a Key. Mixed media.

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